Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Korean Code Bot Report?

The GE forum thread above talks about Bot reporting on a Korean Code in SGE (Singapore Granado Espada)feast your eyes...

Image: blancmange of Vivaldi Server/ Info: AlphaOmega of Carraci Server

This is just one of the million bugs that IAH encounters and every pioneers obviously want to fix things up. We complain most often co'z we patronize and play hard core in the game and there's no wrong on doing a such.

But settling things wether this is a technical problem or not, hope we still enjoy the game and expect one word, technology is not human and imperfect, how much more the human itself...

Long Live Pioneers!!!


Saturday, July 19, 2008


Hmmm...I got curious how does it feel when you're on a place what we so called Disneyland. Well I've been to Disneyland HK and OR FL US. It's cool hangi'n out with Mickey Mouse gang and stuff but literally what in the world I opened up about this? Well this is what I'm talking about...

Welcome to Underground Prison!!!Blame them on Catherine >_<

It was termed Disneyland for the reason maybe amusing "errmm not!". A lot of pioneers know how to settle things in the prison on what to do or how to get out of it, But for the fresh pioneers and even to the players who's been playing for a lifetime but don't even knew about it, I'll give a recap and what does it feel to be there.

I played almost a year now but never in my life that I've been thrown down to the Ratlings...Rat?! Yah, Rat indeed!!!

They're cute though, but the not so happy thing here is you collect out of them with specific number of loots...I won't give you the specific item "If you consider that an item,duh!" lol!

Kill Em' One by One Awwww!

I was scared co'z what if your in a faction and they'll see your status that your in the prison, hehe!well, I won't even give you the detials on how to get there co'z it's really complicated you know, "sweating". But I went there just to show you guys what's inside and how does it feel...

In case you'll be thrown out, one word "Welcome to Disneyland and enjoy the show! You loose the prison, you loose half of your life!lol! tata~ ^^,