Thursday, February 28, 2008

Behind Granado Superstars 2

So far, no one denies that FFA was a real trip to hell! XD

Aside from the crunch times, last minute errors, group frustrations and the likes I agree with Kincaid that FFA has indeed change all of us in some way.

The first time FFA came out to be a competition, i wasn't working yet so I was fully confident i could join and be of use. Luckily, Kincaid and deEspania was looking for one more person, and thus Kindeesig was born.

We've had our team's ups-and-downs, (from output to personal problems) which i'm sure all teams have gone through also. But we manage to set aside all those differences and made something we can be proud of for ourselves.

I remember Kincaid saying "we're a good team...with lousy computers" LOL. We may be a bit behind other teams because of that, but i feel i found real fulfillment in being able to give what i can to my team and not regret any of that in the end.

I also have found fellow FFA enthusiasts/ friends, i have discovered some of my editing talents (LOL), and i have shared them with teh world!

If the trip to hell would always result to that, i'd still take the ride no matter how long it would take. ^_~v

Thanks for everyone's help and support! I hope Machinima / friendship doesn't end here!

*Get some sleep (FINALLY!) and wakes up only to think of a script for future FFA movie* ~XD

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The above statement was given by Joan Sigrid a co - blogger. But are you wondering why this is their entry to the Grand Finale of FFA week?well maybe a lot of you guys think that this is the real entry right?Is it mind boggling?for me, YES! but I'll just give you an info of these dark horse team passed through and why they come up with their entry. For the privacy of their team, they are too busy fixi'n up things in their personal chores in life but I'm amazed on how they come up with this ryt?Before I start let's enjoy first the whole Granado Superstars...:)

Granado Superstars

Granado Superstars 2

So here's the thing, the real entry is not the GS 2 but instead it must be RELAPSE 2. But why is there none?Watch first the RELAPSE...still following lol

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2 of 2

The team "Kindeesig" is planning to continue this one but sadly because of their time breakage because of work, or in their family, friends etc. they haven't come up finishing the RELAPSE 2 to be. but in the long run, they never think of not passing any entry at the all so they submitted the Granado Supestars 2. Well, to all of you guys, nice work and goodluck co'z I know this point in time i need to sleep hehe...tata!

Adelina's Booty so Lucky!!!

On a busy day of mine playing GE, I need to push the limits of my characters by using an FT (Forgotten Territory Pass)for a day. So i bought for myself a 100php (Philippine Peso) Granado Espada Game Value Card. It contains a 2500 Gpoints and 3 peices of enhancement boosters.On my first day of top up, it was so cruel that i only got things that is not that rare in the game. So after I played that day, I need again another FT for me to boost it up maybe because a day is not enough for me, i bought a 100php GE card again. So on the second day, I wasn't aware that i can get what i want for co'z I'm thinking that maybe it's just a sort of a programmed game that you can't get the precious items once and for all as what the other players told me. Some said they tried like 300 times or even 500 times but no special item pops up on their eye sight. On my first try, I got Hrin's Potion, Second, A Queens Dagger lvl 1!oh my!so pissed!but unconsciously, the third wakes up my nerves co'z the Le Blanc for Scout waved to me and I say waaaaah!(just in my mind..hehe!). So while playing, I realized how lucky am I co'z if your planning to get one in the game, I say good luck co'z all you got to do is just kill these Boss monsters like Griffon, Vergo, Raflesia in a random drop. I thank God and Adelina's booty how lucky am I to get one...You should try also this game, we never know maybe your the next lucky one.tata!

Monday, February 25, 2008

"Remastered" Le Blanc

Oh! to all you guys who enjoyed this video that won in "Intel Scene and Heard Week", team Le Blanc has done something for all of you guys on how comments flow on and some suggestions, so here it is!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's Raining Men Fever!!!

Oh my, I didn't expect what compliments i received from my co - bloggers after i did this VO. Well, it's for you to find out whether this video will give you a good and bright day or a hell of a heck!lol enjoy!!!

It's Raining Men
Artist: Simon Ayende aka Ace (Artaxerxes)
Director:Darrick Reclusion
OST: Not Another Love Story 2 Ze Musical

Not Another Love Story 2 Ze Musical

This video is an entry for the grand finale week for FFA (Fantazzztic Film Awards). It was submitted on Saturday, 23rd of Febuary, 2008. This film has gone crazy!Hope you enjoy!!!

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Goodluck to everyone who submitted their entries and sqeezes their chromosomes up and wish for the best to all!tata!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Le Blanc Poster

Tuesday, 19th of Febuary 2008

The new Le Blanc poster from our director Darrick(Reclusion). It's one way we are promoting this movie.FYI this film got the first place from the previous FFA Intel "Scene and Heard" week and for you guys who is a fan of this film, we made a poster just for you!just want to congratulate also the other teams who push their limits up on doing films like this it's a tough one to crack but it's worth it.I know this coming week is really exciting and can't wait what the other teams prepared...Again, congrats Le Blanc team and the dark horse award, Rivendale/ Sigrid/ deEspania Team...

2nd GE bloggers meeting

Sunday, 17th of Febuary 2008 / Trinoma Mall North Ave., Quezon City / Starbucks Coffee

It's my first time meeting up with them and I'm so excited of what to expect with the meeting. At first while going there, i was so pissed co'z of the location...In addition to that, the parking space is like finders keepers aaarrggh! But later then we found a slot at the top most of the establishment...Well, at least it turns out well and the second mission, find the bloggers waaaah! While finding them with my bro Fiksdotter, we found them not in the food court (as what it's supposed to be), in Starbucks we saw them...We discussed a lot on what to do in GE like updates and problems encountered and need to be resolved. It was a fun mingling with them like seeing the bloggers in flesh and what literally new friends is all about. I'm just excited on what will be the outcome of our proposals in the game itself. Got farted and bloated on the chocnut and the new and improved Choco Star hehehe!I know this is not the last time we will meet, so ciao bloggers!!!

(From left:) Me, Blacksword, Sigrid, Nate Reclusion, Darrick Reclusion

(From left:)De Sanggria, Lucido, Illuvien, Deniva, Fiksdotter,
Nate Reclusion, Me, Sigrid, Mitchin, Blacksword, Mena, Darrick Reclusion

Me and Sigrid...So crazeh!!!

Artaxerxes Family

Hello guys, Ace here, 24 years of age and with an online name of Artaxerxes. a blogger since June '06. It's just the first time i write a blog for online game but it catches my attention every time i play, so here it goes...Aside blogging, about my personal stuff, I'm a US registered Nurse and a previous call center agent for 6 months...

hope this writing will help everybody and give them info's about what online gaming is specially GE...

for more info you can contact me in my YM add flashfir3_0xox0 and my email...

Thanks and more power to all bloggers!!!tata!;)