Saturday, September 27, 2008

Greetings NineMoons!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you~ Happy
Birhday, Happy Birthday!!!~ Happy Birthday NineMoons!!!

More Birthday's and more GE playing time to come...stay supreme blogger, tata~

Globe / E - Games Event '08

This day?!!, kind'a pissed co'z traffic's one of a hell!so I'm late...T_T. Aniweiz, I got there around 4:15 pm at the venue (SMX Convention Center, Roxas Blvd. Manila PH) and kinda exhausted. Well, here are some of the happenings:

Parade of the GE fanaticz!

Convention Hall shot...

vondevilIe and Xei (Xei no peeking!gotcha!haha!^^,V)

Destiny Faction PH from left: ( vondevilIe, AlphaOmega, Me, RoseChavez, Reclusion, Fiksdotter) below: (Santoss)

DT Crazy with Whiteships (Takhisis Faction)

DT Addicts at pose! =,=

Me with E-Games Staff...(forgive me but all i know here is Alex, Community Representative, Audition Online, (sky blue sweatshirt), At my right, Grantoza (Eminence Faction), At my left, CM PH Cabal Online, CM Aethrin (brown jacket, purple shirt)

Eventhough the program in GE is not that long, i really enjoyed it so much and gave certificates of reconition for those PH players who made an outstanding name in Granado Espada community...It was a shoot way off co'z we need food haha!so we had our dinner at Taste of Asia (Beside MAll of Asia)...Here are the round of tables ^^,

From left going upwards, Rivendel , Blacksword , Churvanesska, Whiteships, Fiksdotter, Santoss, Artaxerxes (Me lol!), Reclusion, vondevilIe, NineMoons, Kincaid and Xei

This was an outstanding event for PH GE players to see and meet each other again...hope to see you guys on the upcoming events!tata~

In Recognition to RoseChavez for the up smile!!!(noticing hacked all the freebies haha!)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Martial Artist Finest!

Just posted the characters for the most used martial artist of all time, Feng-Ling, Graciello, Irawan and Bai-Hu...Surprisingly, They're demand is up high because of their attack speed and damage. Very useful in breaking colonies in CW and most specially some boss raids.

No wonder they are the hot spice in GE. To all martial artist fanatics, enjoy and hope to use them well, obviously "haiiyyya!!!"...hehe tata~

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

GE Philippines First Year Anniversary

Time is really a blink of an eye, it's now our first year anniversary as GE players, I just imagine what where those changes before GE came here in the Philippines. In carraci server, we made a mini celebration around 6pm.

PH players gather up in the City of Auch channel 1 for an amusing fireworks display. I was really happy that day seeing the unity of the pinoys even though some of them are AFK (Away From Key Board) that time =x.

September 15, 08 is the day i saw opposing factions gather up for the proud to be PH players...after this there is a second bash at around 9pm

Hope to see you around for the next prosperous year of GE here in the PH...tata~

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mystery Unsolved

Do we ever wonder what is inside the cloud sucking volcano on Island of Fire (IOF)? Hmmm...I got curious so I explore, come join me ^^,

As we all know, most specially the "Farmers" in IOF, we do get lots'a lots'a chips for us to sell but for those who hasn't explored the Island, Come see...

Island of Fire Map

Now the Monster's statistics on Zone's 1 - 2:

Next, Zone 3:

Ancient Warrior Soul is cool, they are like java man hunti'n you down with their pizzaro's hehe...

Survivor Series In Island of Fire : Race with the Java

After this, the Depths of the crater... I was wondering on what could be the reason why there ain't no pioneers strolls around, I was woah!

What the "Hell" Is this place?

Pioneers, Welcome to the Crater...

As of my Idea, Sekmet leaves here. And in the history of Granado Espada, no one has ever entered even saw Sekmet's paradise.

I'm not sure of this co'z the time I went here the bellem tombstone is not yet unsealed, but as some pioneers said you will decipher 4 codes for 7x only, no clues whatsoever, just plain numbers. Who's crazy enough to do it?Everybody of course. Why do I say so?Well, Sekmet only drops Dephrodine Series weapon wich I believe your AR (Attack Rating) would be around 64 above, (correct me if I'm wrong) but who knows, nobody has entered it so we wait for the next patches.

The mystery of the Crater is still on the line, so for you guys wanna try?w8 for the bellem stone to be unsealed co'z it's always announced on the broad. I enjoyed exploring even though I spend 1.8M for the key per enter,hehe!

Pioneers, you explore also so you could feel the heat and coal inside, tata~

Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back!^^,

Friday, September 5, 2008

Battle of the Dragons

As we all know, the demands of pistol and riffle are on the avalanche because of it's DPS (damage per second) and it's SOD (speed over damage). But when we talk about riffle, it really suits our needs most specially on boss raids.

I merely ask myself, what is the advantage / disadvantage of a "series" riffle and the BDR (Black Dragon Riffle)? Does element really counts? or it does really affect depending on what type of character you are using?all of these are case to case basis...let's check them out ayt?

These two hot mama Riffles are different obviously on it's usage, Elements plays a really big role on boss raids most specially with it's specific weakness (Ice to Fire, Lightning to Ice, Fire to Lightning, etc). BDR "aka" The Black Dragon plays a major role on damage-focused shots most specially when you use this to an Vet/Exp Bernelli with a perfect DEX.

So Muskie fanatics, choose what you want to use, Learn It, Live with It, Love It!enjoy pioneers!tata~

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blog Promotion

Me and Jenheart ^^,V

"From Dawn To Dusk" Ms. Jenheart's personal blog, read some info...y?you'll miss one, you'll miss everything lolz enjoy! ^^, tata~