Friday, March 28, 2008

Assize for the Second Time Around...Whew!

Personally, I enjoyed the raid in the Assize.So secretly I asked my friend, Darrick(Reclusion) to go back again to play with Dr. Fran...Luckily, he said yes and off we go!The funny thing here is he wasn't able to save in Gehenna Bridge and in connection of what i told you on my previous blog, he suffered the running consequence..."I'm pissed because every floor I had, there is a boss so it causes me time delay going to Gehenna Bridge"-Darrick(Reclusion) said!lol!Here is some of the adventures we had...^^,

Killing Mobs just the two of us...w00t!

That's what Chrysalis looks like hehehe!

Looks like this is going to be way far off...hhaaaayyyyz!
Nice Strike Back Hamper...Nice Shot!

After we killed them again, It brought up one thing in my mind, like what my siggy says, to be the best, you must beat the best out there...So, It played of a bit in my mind so we tried PvP. It's so hard to kill Reclusion's line up but i enjoyed and practiced myself for some upcoming PvP sessions...So guys, why don't you invite your friend or two to have your boss hunt and if you feel like you can, go for it and enjoy, It's so nice to have this bonding with your friends in game and not always exhausting your time to power level and have some good equips and rip off some of your time for this and kick some **lls like this!wahhahaaha!^^,

Oooops!haha!till then guys!;)

Key Of The Assize Boss Raid

At this point in time, our faction Takhisis is getting even stronger than before so we now started our first boss raid, first stop, Gehenna Bridge. It was really awesome co'z compared last year, It was really tough for us to hunt a boss for the reason of not attaining to have Veteran members. To start with this, It's good enough if you had your warp point in Gehenna Bridge but if not, You'll start at the waypoint going to Joaquin Prison and you'll walk around 10 to 20 minutes going to your trail from Prison De Joaquin Morgus to Gehenna Bridge....arrrgggh!Here are the orders:

Prison de Joaquin The Mohrgus - 1st flr
Prison de Joaquin The Altar of Despair - 2nd flr
Prison de Joaquin The Torture Chamber -3rd flr
Prison de Joaquin Schivarliere -4th flr
Prison de Joaquin Gehenna Bridge - 5th flr

After I got there, this is what my character looks like...


So after the long walk, we tried to wait Gererro from the time of it's Spawn but sad to say it has been slayed a couple of mins ago...So we chose the Key Of The Assize. As we enter, the first encounter, Chrysalis. It's not that hard to kill these boss but when killed, Dr. Fran Mothtein appears with 2 Eigleschvalier Warriors. The thing here is, at the first encounter, we are almost dead in the faction because lack of strategy is shown, but luckily one of our members (DirtyPair) had his Soul Crystal. So back to work, I decided to lure one Eigleschvalier at it's most distance as i can and my factionmates killed the other while Dr. Fran is in a distance. After that the next one is killed, the final encounter is with Dr. Fran Mothtein. We had our hard time because of HoD (Hole of Darkness)which cause a delay even death, my Wizard tolerated the damage beause of the PF (Protection Field). The strategy here is, there must be a tank "Sad to say it was our FL Fiksdotter, lol!" and scout is standing by for heal or to the worst, Resuscitation. while the Elementalist, Wizard, Musketeer must be alert when the HoD is charging to cast. My Wizard just did a bunch of SB (Strike Back) and PS (Photon Splash) plus the power of our faction mates and whala!deadz!hehe. If your curious about their stats here it is...

Complete Stats of Chrysalis, Dr. Fran Mothtein and Eigleschvalrier Warrior

My Takhisis Family after killing Dr. Fran. From top going clockwise: Fiksdotter, Colbourn, McBurney, Artaxerxes, CheKaBaBes and VargasII

I do believe after this, the time of spawn after killed is around 6 hours after the next spawn. Better ask somebody there if it was killed or not. If rest assured there is, try to change channel for the second attack. The Key of Assize can be acquired by killing Vladimir or over Adelina's Booty Search. It was a never to be forgotten experience, I hope your faction enjoyed their first raid boss the same as we do...Happy Boss Hunt!!!ciao~

Monday, March 24, 2008

Top Up Bug Update

"I hope this can be resolved when i wake up co'z it will paralayze every player of GE with the same situation as mine and we hope they can work things out, I believe they will ^^," -->Cool!Dreams really do come true, this is what happend when i woke up...

It really plucked up my head off this day so I got my relpy...hehe

Thanks for the effort guys and i know this is just one of a million bugs your facing right now, tata~

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Top Up Bug

Top up means a lot to us and there's no question about that co'z the only way for us to be in the game is to buy GVC cards like in my case, I earn my G points by these top up. At the moment I attempted to use the GVC, somethings wrong, I'll break this bit by bit...

This is the usual GVC top up and in the current case, we must use the "claim item" to be able to use GVC not the top up option. So anticipated, you'll be in step 2 (obviously) Select Game Item Options.But observe the next table...

Here's Step 2, this is after you successfully topped up the GVC card but did you notice something weird and will make your day worst?check the next table...

See?you'll go back to step one!on and on and on....aaarrggh!

At this point in time starting last Saturday March 21 08, the problem is not yet resolved up to now. I cannot presume that this might be the bug caused by the free FT pass or with the premium buffs or whatever. After i discovered this one, there is the first maintenance that is usually on Thursdays, after a day, a maintenance again.The reason? bug complaints. Not specified of what kind but on resume, It's still the same. I asked for help with my co bloggers but still no changes at all and nothing to blame for whether the computer, the browser, the internet connection etc. but it is in the system. I hope this can be resolved when i wake up co'z it will paralayze every player of GE with the same situation as mine and we hope they can work things out, I believe they will ^^,

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Catherine Is A Headache...

At the time I was on the urge of getting some RNPC's since i got into my hundreds, I chose Catherine. But it was a real head ache in all aspect like how will you get one. It's a no sweat when it comes to time grinding, That's the way it is used to be, the question is how much you'll spend with the pelvis and the Left Arm which is in Carracci server, the OP "overpricing" is a total crap. Anyways, here's my encounter to Victor, part of the quest...Here it goes...

Playin' With Victor lolz!

The Gathering of the Maids (protest not being payed fairly wahehehehe!)

Emo Scenario with Dr. Torsche...Got Stunned lolz!

The real piss here is the collecting agenda of the parts that I know most of you knew how expensive to have this puppet's parts. Imagine after I got the help of my FL Fiksdotter and my dear friend Darrick (Reclusion)It ain't enough so we need to buy those parts and to sum it up, total of around 44m of vis...wak!But i enjoyed this experience and hope you guys planning to have one, better start now and prepare yourself for cost of a lifetime!(disregarding those who are lucky).So now,hhmmm her name?Batshiva is the name, puppet is the game...^^,

Monday, March 17, 2008

My Wiz at 100...

The Wiz at it's outmost peak, AT LAST!by the help of Reclusion family starting at level 76, a big sacrifice that is. Like no sleep, no dinner, no companion beside me, It really kills my nerves "eats up my chromosomes totally" waaaah! But it's worth it, hardship is really "hard" literally but in the long run, worth while waiting...After i got the hundred, back to town for promotion...

After all of this, I realized how hard it is to do some powerleveling, so power pose time in the city with Reclusion family...

Le Alta de Sosyalidad lolz

Currently at this point, my fighter got a hundred and the scout too...powerlevel up guys!!!!tata

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fantazzztic Film Awards 2007 Winners of the Grand Finale

The result are out guys!Here is the winners of FFA's Grand Finale Week...

Resource: GE official Website click HERE

To see the other entries click HERE

The month of FFA is really an exciting one maybe not for the others but still it's worth awaiting for. To all those who participate in this said event, job well done and you must be proud of yourselves because I know you did all the best you got. For the next FFA (if there is), I hope that more participants will compete again...Till then and Congratulations to all the Winners...W00t!:)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bloggers Unwinding Moments...

After the sight seeing of the mountain scenery, late at night, we meet up with our co - blogger De Sanggria, NineMoons with her partner Rosso to clear of our minds and have some fun in Cloud 9, Sumulong highway, Antipolo City at around 9:20 in the evening...We ravished ourselves to think of what stress can do to us and what we can do about it, so here are some of the pics...

(Left) De Sanggria, NineMoons, Darrick (Reclusion), Fiksdotter, Nate (Reclusion)

Trio Mio! Hehe!!!

For me and I do know this is just the beggining of everything, not just for being a blogger ourselves, but the friendship will give way through our endeavors in GE...Ciao!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Getting a Taste of Break...

I've been in a lot of stress this month because of so many things that pressures me like power leveling my characters, sweeping the sleepless nights in the making of our FFA (Fantazzztic Film Awards)entries, the best of all, waiting for the result this grand finale week. So, we don't want to exhaust ourselves that much and we decided to get some fresh air and soothe our minds on a road trip. Reclusion team went out and BOOM!how happy it was!!!Here's some glimpse of it...

Driving our way through the mountains of Antipolo with Josiah (Fikdotter), Nate (Reclusion), Darrick (Reclusion)...Weeee!!!

Darrick (Reclusion), Nate (Reclusion), amd moi...So cold...eeeek!

The breeze is so heavy, Yipee!!!

Smili'n while Chilli'n...sheeez!

As the rendezvous of day is passing up, we find a way to relax ourselves before we go back to the real world that lies ahead of us where we belong. Granado Espada world is waiting for us again...