Thursday, November 27, 2008

[Philippines] Community Outing… Organized for you, by you.

Attention to all PH players who crave for a gathering and just a simple chit chat with co GE players, here's your chance!!!see details click HERE

See you there peeps!tata~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Artaxerxes on 25

Well, I thank God for giving me another year of my life and hope more blessings to come haha! Thnks to all my peeps, pioneers, relatives and friends who greeted me...

How did i spend my day?here it is...Getaway to Oceanarium! Here's the pics enjoy :)

Obviously you want a pic on the entrance as common photos do haha!

Lookie! Lookie!

School of Fishes

Sting Ray on my way lol

Imagining the deep...

Bonding Bro's me and Fiksdotter

It was really fun! And after that, we had a dinner in a seafood house and stuff ourselves to the max..

Wonderi'n what would be the year ahead for Artaxerxes in real life? What am I doing after a year?what about my GE life, am I active or not?nobody knows but for now looking forward a head as the sun goes down, a bright future will be on my path...

Till then pioneers tata~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

[Philippines] Route a la Domination Aftermath

As discussed here, The PvP tourney has been the edge of every PH players to show who's the man...Anyways, here's the runabout.

May I present first the participants...

Ashtaraoth and ExOutLaw Team (Destiny Faction)

Basconian and Fortuneshadow Team (All - Star Faction)

xXVOLDEMORTXx and xXxKaiserxXx Team ( Outcasts Faction)

saintsinner and Pheyn Team ( All - Star Faction )

WaLtoN and ScrappyCoco Team ( Templars Faction )

Sadly, Knightfall and Deathwolf Team of Templars Faction and devisgodsroyalty and oscie_4 Team of Outcasts Faction got no SS (Screenshot) co'z they left out early in the tourney...

Here's the Wildcard Elimination Round:

1 Round:

- Ashtaraoth/ExOutLaw vs. KnightFall/Deathwolf

>Ashtaraoth/ExOutLaw wins!

2nd Round:

-Basconian/Fortuneshadow vs. sainsinner/Pheyn

>Basconian/Fortuneshadow winner by concede..why? here:

3rd Round:

-WaLtoN/ScrappyCoco vs. devisgodsroyalty/oscie_4

>WaLtoN and ScrappyCoco wins!


-Ashtaraoth/ExOutLaw vs. Basconian/Fortuneshadow

>Ashtaraoth/ExoutLaw wins!

-WaLtoN/ScrappyCoco vs. xXVOLDEMORTXx/xXxKaiserxXx

>WaLtoN/ScrappyCoco wins!

Well, this is it!the Final bout is coming to town nyahaha! It's between Ashtaraoth/ExOutLaw Team and WaLtoN/ScrappyCoco Team, It will be a three round fight and the first who get's 2 wins out of 3 reign supreme.

The Score?here it is:

Ashtaraoth/ExOutLaw got the first match of the finals...Here's the deciding round that gave them the victory

It was really an epic battle and i congratulate also WaLtoN and ScrappyCoco for the Lion Heart they shown on the tournament. It's was an outstanding event to show that PH players can rule the PvP floor on Granado Espada World..

My regards also for Bach Server Champions:

Team: Anything
Family: Swish and Chandi

Well, To all those who participated on the said event,you guys rock!!!Also to GM who seems so near yet so far~hayzzz~ XD

till then pioneers, tata~

Friday, November 7, 2008

ABS on 92's Effect

Adelina's Booty Search Add - Ons:

Recipes of Elite 92

-EPJ- Elite Pandera Jacket

-EDC- Elite Dragon Coat

-ELV- Elite La Ventisca

-EMS- Elite Metallic Suit

-EBFA- Elite Bone Frame Armor

-ERS- Elite Rescue Suit

As we all know the recipes are on the line for booteh! But the concern here is, what would be the effect on the economy of GE. For some it would be very nice co'z atleast there is a higher chance to aquire the elite 92 armors which is badly needed if you want to survive in GE honestly. Like bossraids, CW, etc... Some would be a bit sad because of what would be the side effect on this one..

Possible here are questions like, " Why would I farm In Scourging Pleteau. Ferrucio Wall, Katovic Snowfield, Frozen Plain, Tierra Putrefacta?" and "Why would I camp and raid for Griffon?" (The Chicken who can drop the elite 92 item Itself).

Economy wise, If ABS search will atleast boost up the chance rate of getting the elites, It would be nice so it will fall down to our pioneers to gain access on using such kind of armors. It's just like "Law of Supply and Demand" the more supply, the lesser price, the easy to access so high in demand.

But whatever it is, In my opinion, It's just a portal for us pioneers to prepare ourselves to the upcoming patch 3.0 co'z Dephrodine series is on the line with base DR of 34...

Time really runs fast, and GE world is really expanding in a flash.

So let's enjoy every moment of it... tata~

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

During GE Maintenance...I am???

Sometimes as a pioneer hardcore players, We think of Thursday as " Rest Day ". But I was wondering what do a player thinks of a daily activity till server resumes?I conducted a few survey and pinned a question like " What's the first thing you do when your computer starts during SM (Server Maintenance) "

I got top 5 list on this one, So here it is:

5.) I open up my Messenger (YM/MSN)

- Well most of us don't want to end the game just yet, some of our pioneers got their MSN/YM contacts of their friends in game also their faction mates, some say they just chit chat for nothing and just want to let pass time and some also talks about what to do in game at the time server resumes like what boss to go in, what time is TOD (time of death) before maintenance, squad to full up, etc...

4.)Check My Mail and Update my Blog

-Put me on this list co'z I'm a blogger myself so I usually update during server maintenance " admitted guilty " haha! some check their mail co'z some hard core players became unconcious this couple of days due to focus on the game. well most of us open the browser just to let the time pass also. Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Hi5,Plurk, etc... Playing browser game online is in this category...

3.)Check my Television, Household Chores and Use my phone SMS/Calls

-Yah I gotcha!some pioneers forgot oh, we have television to watch and radio to listen to, I'll do some movie marathon. Oh I gotta clean my room and do some household chores. This kind of amnesia applies really. Co'z the whole week, obviously our attention are focused on the computer..admit it! hahaha XD.

Some make some calls to say hi hello to their friends and asking for a lunch out or just bumming their self for a couple of hours to their friends house...calling their special someone or their friends just to fast twist the clock...crazy enough but true hahaha!

Some clean their room, do their household chores like cleaning dishes, polishing their floors, cleaning the appliances, washing their cars " I don't do that often :P ", etc...Just to make the short term time clock knock up so the time they are finish, server up!weeee!

2.)" Busy " in School and at Work

- Oh, very common for most of the pioneers, you know they just focus on their normal habbit going to school and work, feeling the rush and pressure. Everything slacks on the bottle but quoting the BUSY word, buggling your mind on something heh?haha!

You focus your mind on work and school twice as much during maintenance co'z if you ain't, You sure got bored for sure! haha! As survey runs, somebody quote " Yah I feel like studying more focused so time will rush to run, after my classes, time for GE is up! ". Well nice nice proposal, work and school blending up just to let server up, hahaha!

1.) Playing LAN/other online games/offline games

-At the top of my list, as they say, "Once a gamer, always a gamer". they don't wanna scratch their hands for nothing, they wanna do something just to amuse their day. Bottom line, just let the PC run and I'll play still and play always...

Whatever you do just to let time pass pioneers, this is just a one of a million things to do just to make up things in our normal everyday life and pulling out ourself in GE world just for a while. Make our life a well balanced beam...Till then pioneers, tata~

GE PH E - Points System...Fair Enough?

The above link explains everything pioneers, but I hope as a PH player that we could have the 70k g-points deal to be accessible and to be used as well...

see Ninemoons, Blacksword for this news