Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Banned Account, In What Form?

The link above is all about abiding rules and regulations in the GE forums which is applicable in game as well...

There are certain issues that quoted as "Banned Account" when rules is not followed, certain sanctions are executed. It is not new to us most specially to the pioneers co'z even in a simple rule of law we follow. If ain't not, we make it a point to do something to reverse the situation.

As I was saying, banned account obviously has it's duration whether it's temporary or a lifetime. But have you ever wondered it's classification? What I want to point out is this, banned account doesn't mean you can't play the game but there are certain part of the game like in the forums that you can't use.

A sample of this is like you can't send private message to the moderators on the forums or the community manager and all the officials running the thread and most of the time, your account can't log in to the forums and post to the thread obviously...

But as it is shared to me momentarily, I didn't expect that you can be banned through your "broad in game?" Yah, your right, well, I wasn't shocked at all in the first place but the thing here is, how does this thing be categorized anyway?

How does it apply? Well, a big question mark for me co'z i don't really know how can this be without any word from the player or warning. Even explanation in their emails and stuff and tell the details of it. Well for me, it's a fresh news that triggered my Intellect (If I do have!lol) how long does it gonna take for the player to broad again? After sending the ticket for the complains? Well, I clearly don't know yet but the actions must be taken.

I'm not the rightful judge to tell what's gonna happen after a couple of days to the concerned player. However, I know there must be a reason out of this co'z it won't happen if there is no guidelines to be applied, To all the players, please be aware of what you broad co'z we don't know how does the moderator react on this. On the other hand, I know they are doing this for the good of the game but hope they can explain or give a notice to the player what offense they done so no questions and rants running about...

This is just one of the million complains about the "Ban" thing, but for sure everybody can make out of this on both players and the people concerned. Play rough and tough, enjoy!^^,

Monday, June 2, 2008

Artaxerxes is gone for a Month??!!whew!

I do apologize for not posting up any updates this couple of weeks. I'm kinda like of a looser to myself co'z I really don't have any idea what's going on with the pioneers nowadays.

But to exclude myself, I do have my reasons why...ehem!I got my training in The Philippine National Red Cross (Quezon City) for a month and obviously I need it because of some credential purposes but something clinched my mind like I was on the PvP officer...complicated huh?want to show you my friends and what has happened this past few weeks...

Know the Signs lol!

What's with the Ceiling anyways...

How creepy they are...don't they hehe!

It was a month of outstanding laughter and craziness and asking myself ti'll now, What has got to be the reason I forgot everything that separates my consciousness to the real world and the game itself?

We'll for real, It doesn't. It's just like your on a server exploring the map and knowing everybody hangi'n around, you'll know their strengths and weaknesses, you gather some info how to deal with it, live with it...!!!

You'll even encounter things that will mess your brains down, A person literally. You'll understand them sometimes but the most of it, you will not! In relation of what I missed in GE world is basic and simple, You put an empathy on what I'm saying, your just playing with the same cards right?Learning Inside and Out of the game and the real world is a crazy stuff but the peer pressure on what are you gonna do about it whether your on CW in game or in the real world.

Your dealing with people guys, better enjoy your life as a character or the real you and people won't change wether your exposed to it or not....I enjoyed it som much and have a crack on it, get out, relax, and I'm back, ready to throw some info in the GE world pioneers...tata~