Saturday, April 19, 2008

Bahama Mama

It was 17th of April, the launch of Bahama patch and I was not excited that much co'z rumors are that you need to be in an expert level to run through this map. But as a blogger, I need to go there. From Port of Coimbra, Going to Ustiur Base Camp then Zona Uno going down to Zona Quatro. If your not finish yet on the quest, better kill the Monstrous Ice Dinosaur or you'll never pass...Here's the walkabout's...

Flying in Zona Quadro going to the promise land!lol

Map going to Bahama Base Camp, Current location: Zona Quatro

Bahama Base Camp at last! What I saw was good so i need to explore the map and do some test damage. A lot of monsters that is unusual but for me it's tolerable if you have your proper elites even level 84 and a good armor, you'll survive the perishing hehe!

Bahama Marshlands lvl 105 to 107

Bahama Swamp of Eternity lvl 109 to 111

It was a fun experience in Bahama, You can have the Necklace and the Chest, Fire, Serpent Series for the quests most specifically the Pioneering Quest...Hope you visit the map too when you reach at least Veteran Bahama Mama to all!!!!:)

Pose at Bahama Base Camp, Peace yah all!!!^^V

GE In Game Event " Return of the Dark Lord 3 "

It was around 2:15 pm while I'm hanging around with the pioneers in the City of Auch, A GM message promted in the Carracci server saying " Notice: Hello Carracci!!! ".

For the others, It's just an ordinary greetings but for the old pioneers, the bell ring says "Event is Coming". The event goes like these...all 49 levels and below, they will go to Pradera Ceniza, and the 80 levels above, goes to Thuringenwald Lakeside. So I went out and I saw these...

Giant Skullic Leaders at the Entrance waaah!

Strike of Guerrero at the Thuringenwald bridge...

Nasty group of Pollux! Yah they hurt!Ouch!

Players are Bodyguards of Vespanola...Wooosh!

After that head cracking encounter with those bunch of bosses, Amethy raising about the " Ice Cream " thing just to quench the thirst of the pioneers waiting for the next event.

Next stop, Jenix revenge and with the huge bunny??!heh?lol!

Killing some bunny!Animal Welfare Society...hi there!peace!^^V

The purge of Jenix to the Pioneers...

So after this, the Dark Lord has his last revenge to all those bodyguards "the pioneers of course" by giving the dark powers to the group of Mboma's and Bernelli's. Curious? Not an ordinary Mboma neither Bernelli in the game, theyr'e tough like a nut shell, not an easy one to's what I'm saying...

After 45 years of encounter...they are so tough! Arrrgh!

The said event was to be continued T_T. But i know all of the pioneers are waiting for the comeback of the Dark Lord...

This was really cool and hope the next episode will amaze all the players on hunting down the monsters and to self proclaim of what the pioneers of Granado Espada really are....ciao!^^,

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Unforgetable Dinner w/ IAH Staff

April 7, 2008, The bloggers meet up at around 6:00 pm, Powerbooks in Greenbelt, Makati Philippines.

Actually, I was late that night because i do have my appointment before this dinner so i need to clean up myself and go freshen up.

After all this, we go straight to CafeBola Resto and it's was fun going there because of flooding meatballs we ordered in different cuisine hehe!here are some events...

IAH Rep's crunch time! cheers!

E-Games CM gang, Bloggers, IAH staff in one table (of course hehe!)

From top left; NineMoons, Stiles, Darrick (Reclusion), Nate (Reclusion), Me, Hrin, Fiksdotter

Ivee Feria, Explains what's with the balls menu lol!

Strike that pose! RCM Hrin, Me, CM Veya

Stabbing attempt just for the bola's woot!

As the dinner went out, we discussed a lot of things not to mention our personal lives but the focus is more on Granado Espada's add ons and what can we share for the good of the game.

I hope this would not be the last time to bond with IAH Staff most specially with Mistress Hrin.

As you can see, me and Hrin don't bond that much that night...Here's what I'm talking about...^^,

Smile tsk!

Wondering when this would happen?^^,

See?!!hehe!just kidding guys! This Dinner is really awesome and It made us more like one and hope this will help not just the blogger but to the benefit and improvement of the whole Granado Espada community.

Till then!:)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Domination II Fever!

April 6, 2008, at around 2:30 in the morning, I woke up that early co'z of the excitement maybe and this is the first time to attend an online game event. To clear my head off even though I haven't sleep that much (3 hours of sleep, so crap!), I prepare myself with the Reclusion brothers on packing our things and flew down to SMX Convention Center (Roxas Boulevard, Metro Manila PH). We arrive at around five minutes to eight and this is what we saw...

In Line For Registration...

As we enter the SMX, we got stocked for around 2 hours. Complains are everywhere but in short, we entered at last!!!shew " perspiring ".

Here are some of the booth inside. I haven't got a shot of Supreme Destiny booth, I'm on the thrown in the comfy room lol!Go check this out ^^,

The event was full of surprises and some celebrity guests and exciting games of each booth that is on stand. Getting some freebies is on a process like roaming around and stamping your event card.

It contains the sponsors of the event and it's so funny co'z they have their pop quizzes or doing such thing as using your skills in the hammer machine to get your stamp!lol!Here is some nasty pics I've done.hehe!

Shooting Duel in GE booth with Nate (Reclusion)...kill! " just to get a stamp hehe! "

J. Tomas CM (Community Manager) Audition Online Ph and me...

Event Muse no.1

Here's no 2 hehe!

Feel the Sword of Cabal ooooh!lol

With the Cosplayers yeah!

But in the event itself, we go back to Granado Espada booth and my most awaited awarding of FFA (Fantazzztic Film Awards) Grand Finale winners and recognition of all the Philippine players of what they contributed to the GE community and to be proud of course!here it is ....

Montreux, Weisswriter and Fetuccini on 3rd place

The 2nd place and the champions of FFA...woooooh!!! From left: Fiksdotter, Nate (Reclusion) Darrick (Reclusion) Ninemoons, Mena, De Sanggria and me. iCez, where are you?lol!

As the turn of events, we are so happy!!! Personally, I'm totally fulfilled that I'll come back next year for the next Domination...

I hope you guys who attended the event enjoyed it too and hope to see you in the upcoming events of E - Games most specially GE. I want to specially thank the following : [CM]RSGe Hrin, [CM]PhilGe Veya, and De Sanggria for the support in this event...ciao!

[RCM] (Regional Community Manager) Hrin and Artaxerxes

[CM]Veya and Artaxerxes

Queen of Vespanola De Sanggria and Artaxerxes, Voice Actor Heartthrob "shew"!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Controversial War of Outcast and Hunt or Hunted Faction

It was really devastating of what Outcast (OC) and Hunt or Hunted(HoH) pioneered on their faction from the carracci server with their corresponding alliances. And there is no question why their factions exist up until now because of the reputation they have proven. It can't be avoided to have some issues inside the faction like what everybody's experiencing. But in the long run, It can be managed. But when we talk about war for almost a week and not declaring a truce? That's mind bugling right? Here's the story...While I'm on the phone, somebody alerted me that Outcast has declared war against Hunt or Hunted. I was not that surprised at first because It's just normal for declaring a war for "factional" reasons. But I was alarmed when HoH declared war against Takhisis and no question about it as a DFL (Deputy Faction Leader) of the faction. The incident itself makes it more interesting. Here's what happened during the war...

Encounter at Thouringenwald Lakeside...

One of my trusted resource person told me that it all started in the boss hunt. Specifically in the Poison Yard and the Secret Temple which is PK (Player Kill)prone. Also stated that it's almost a week of declaration and the white flag is not waving on both sides "maybe" because of the KS (Kill Steal). Issues between them is on their own confidentiality and even Takhisis is at war with HoH on that moment. The "speculated" reason is one of our members helping the OC during their war but afterwards, the truce is dealt with HoH. What maybe the reason why war appears to be on each other?How does this affect their members and alliances? What is their opinion on this while the truce is not yet been settled?Is there any personal grudge?Miscommunication?All this question is not yet clearly answered. I don't have any idea if this situation also happens to the other servers but if it does, how do they settle this?Understandable that the Republican and Royalist are two separate alliance which is at war in Granado Espada story but in this case, The war still continues even without CW (Colony Wars). Whatever the reason is, I hope this could be settled in CW arena and not in the normal maps. If you'll ask me, Advantage?eerrggh!none!but it depends on the idea maybe giving such lessons with each other so it won't happen again and way of responding on what they felt. Disadvantage is a lot of factor here. First and foremost, Leveling the characters. It can't be done that easy obviously because everybody who's at war are PK prone and the most affected here is the family who needs a power level that is having a hard time because of so many reasons. The other reasons? provoke of anger, concern like if one will not understand, why can't you start understanding them co'z if not, pride takes place. lastly, game is just a game and we cannot please everybody and better yet enjoy the game co'z literally it's just a game. The end of this depends on their hands and someday i know it will be settled in a nice way...Stay strong Outcast Faction and Hunt or Hunted Faction... ^^,

~the following person who sends the information gathered is strictly confidential and I'm willing to get both sides of the story. The opinion stated is just mine and no plans of distracting anybody whether the family or the factions mentioned and this is just a classified info...