Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Island Of Fire Mob Attack!!!

It was around 3:05 am, time for my meds and my faction mate Shadowstein told me there's a wild thing happening in IOF (Island of Fire) So, no hesitation even though it's the peak of my I go!

Here's It Is...Behold ^^,

Lookie!Lookie!See?haha!It was fun really and it turns out like I'm farming for Mega Talt and equips ready for chipping, So for some pioneers that is curious on the Mobs stats, here it is:

It was really like a caffeine that awakens my mood early in the morning hahah!I'm just wondering maybe they can put mobs like Uraeus, Griffon, Eiwind in Reboldeux Stone Pit XD!tata~

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The First Rembrandt CW Result

All - Stars Faction - 5 colonies

Destiny Faction - 4 colonies

Osiris Faction - 4 colonies

Le' Conquistador Faction - 3 colonies

Templars Faction - 2 colonies

Symbols Faction - 2 colonies

Outcasts Faction - 1 colony

Eminence Faction - 1 colony

Resonance Faction - 1 colony

Nice war guys, I know that the next CW are gonna be intense so let's watch for it. As for the lag problems?Minimized, but lag as always haha!till then pioneers~tata!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Family Name Change Guide

Most of the pioneers and consider me as one of the affected family who got probs on their Family Name...So here are the guides on how to do it ;p

Log - In to your passport with your Account ID and Password, Always secure this details as protocol

Click the Family Name Golden Tab to Enter

After that, you can monitor the step by step basis on Family Name change that can be found at the the top of your current page

As you can see, the highlighted tab is the Character Name, better click the Family Name Button at the left panel (facing screen)

When your at the Family Name Section, Type your desired "if you want to have a new one" or to retrieve your old family name and remember to...

Select your World Carefully. It'll be more easy now co'z we only got two, so not that tough eh?^^
After that, a details of what have you filled - in will be shown at the Confirmation Window

Transaction Successful!This window will assure you that your Family Name is changed!So no mess up and this is for free just once! giving way due to Server Merge encountered probs...

Thnks to IAH and hope this little guide will have your breathing in a normal!enjoy the new worlds pioneers~tata!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rembrandt and Bach, Counterattack?!

Fears, doubts, questions, wonders... All of GE pioneers still imagine what would really show off just after the maintenance last Wednesday.

Me personally, and I know most of you guys ( don't deny =,= ) that there's a lot of things playing on our mind right now like the ff:

- Items on my Uncle Leonardo Expresso

- Left Items in Market Manager ( i didn't ;p )

- What would happen this coming Sunday for Colony Wars (CW) Lag Issues I mean :D

- How about the Raid boss? the case of a CH1 boss spawn only?

- Training characters, How can a map compensate everyone on what we so called " own spot "?

- Vis...Is there any clinched situation that it might rollback?( OMG no pls )

- Weapon Ups, no reset right?(waaaa no!)

- how many channels?3?4?

- Item drops of Raid Boss, eq. weapons, armors most specially is there a drastic change at all?

- Market Economy stocks, would it be the same before the server merge?or dramatic rise up or fall down?

All and many questions arise every time we got curious on the upcoming server merge, So all we got to do is just sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming show.

We have our voice to complain off course, but as some philosopher says, " Even you do good things or bad things, human naturally always say something... "

Let us just enjoy the thrill of waiting and leave the things to the experts, glitch are part of it, patience and it will be all good.

Let us welcome and prepare ourselves to the upcoming world we must be used to...tata~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Remembrance Of Carracci

Even though I was sick, I got early to bed not just to drink my meds but to take a peek of Carracci. I was roaming around towns and it's like a ghost town, nobody vends around but the happy thing here is, I caught up an idea to have a remembrance at the City of Auch ( channel 1 ). here are some photo ups ;p

The day i started to know GE, I grow, I learn, I live with... Through wars, agony, politics, friendship, frustrations, happiness, your memoirs will never fly out... Thanks Carracci!tata~

My special thanks to the following families who made their effort on announcing this memories:

Gustavo Family
Southernsky Family
Basconian Family
Heliothop Family

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RNPC's Spotlight

These three (Catherine, Viki, Gavin) is the most intriguing RNPC's on this current patch. Well they do have their classifications. Why I say so?here it is:

Catherine (Summoner) - As we all know, she is the most useful for power farming, lvling up sometimes and blasting up the whole market. She got this skills of puppet masquerade that most of our pioneers are amazed! Look around every map in GE, you can see her everywhere running around with passion and the classic look of her style, treasured by many but i include her on my spotlight number 3...

Viki - Yah, this kid is a heart breaker for most of the pioneers around, he's kind'a innocent as you look but a multi talented RNPC as well, summons a tini winnie giants who's running around the map and healer as well, cutie cutie!hehe! an intrigue triggered like is he or she a what??!!hehe yah gender confusion hehe...hhmm to make this more interesting if you know it, good for you, if you ain't, it's for you to find out haha!the most brain crasher here is the " mamund " hunt, haha if you search the thread in GE the Mamund Quest Guide , lot's of them are giving guides but the pissing of idea is how lucky you are, some complained a couple of weeks even a month just for one mamund, the hell ryt?well atleast you got what Viki deserves giving a statement like " I'm worth questing for" haha!Shed the light on Spotlight number 2...

Gavin - Are you gonna ask me or not?well, well, well, the most aspired RNPC of all time! No explanation whatsoever. Skills? Looks? the hardest RNPC to have (i dunno about the others but for me, he is the man!). Well to those pioneers got no idea about it, well it's simple really, finish all pioneering quest, katovic quest and bahamas quest, short to listen to heh? But long way to go and patience is a need...Gavin is a status symbol in GE like if you have him, your the bomb!So he deserves Spotlight number one...

These three RNPC's have their common interest might as well their differences, but the bottom line, they all rock!till then pioneers~

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Waterfall Of Depression

Lot's of people wants to hang around and chat because i do believe, I kinda worked out my advising genre, they tell you everything their hearts desire and how they struggle inside...But i come to think of myself once i a while, do i know how to advice myself?

Weird heh?yah but maybe I'm right...This couple of days I seen the weakness inside Artaxerxes. Most specially in game, I can't imagine like broad some angry words that is kind'a threatening to others (sorry about that), running around the town and leaving a faction, planning to transfer to the other etc.

At that moment, i do realize well as my friends and loveones told me I'm a very quiet and patient person, but everybody has their so called limit explosion like you can't imagine you can do the unbelievable things. And after your burst out you'll ask yourself, " sheezzz, is that me?how can I do that " some scientist maybe not that tricky to pop the question but for me, reactions like this shows how passionate you are in the game...

You put your emotions on it, It bothers you alot like a real time. Well to all those pioneers encounter the same situation like me, don't loose hope, your still in the game, don't think what others might tell you, your just a human born to commit mistakes in life even in GE...

At this time on, well Artaxerxes maybe a blemish to others or put some bad reflection...We can't change the past, step on in move on. I guess I need to go freshen up and make the next day a new sunlight to me...have a great day ahead pioneers ^^,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Server Merge Info, Read All About It!

Hrin give the updates on some delays and will be expected on the 2.9 of Granado Espada same as the server merge, keep posted pioneers, tata~