Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Zeia

Wahahah!yeah!shocked indeed!I was amazed co'z it was so cool!!! It was opened around 12:40 here in PH (Rembrandt Server) by Mahoney Family (current Chancellor).

But before planning to enter, go get keys to Emilia Guliano (Port of Coimbra). That's the time you go to Cite Rebolduex culvert.

Here are some shots that I made...lookie!!!

Nice Nice!!!Farmland ^^,

All Hail to the Queen Pharoah!!!

Nar weeee!!!

Zeia Map

Zeia Dual Lands

Killing during night time...sheezz

Well, to make you more excited on what monster's have, Better see it for yourself but for a teaser, here are the stats ^^,

Selva quest are now activated so better rush it up hehehe!

All in all, let's see what awaits us pioneers for the upcoming patch and hope we enjoy the game still as we loved it before...till then tata~

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