Tuesday, February 10, 2009

FAA Results Exposed and Artaxerxes farewell to GE

FAA Results is HERE

Well first of all I would like to congratulate the winners co'z you deserve it guys. As I'm typing my last blog entry for GE, I would like to say thank you guys to all who supported me since I started this game, It's been a year and half now and I really enjoyed the triumphs, tears, endurance, happiness, competition and everything. I would like to special mention Ms. Hrin of IAH games for giving me the opportunity in scoping the news and stuff and it's my priviledge to help and organize events and the chance is a big thank you. Also my factionmates during Takhisis Faction time and the current Destiny Faction, for giving me the chance to bond and raid as well as treating me not just a player but a family. I'll still continue my blog posting but not in GE anymore, It's about practical situations in life and some inspirational stuffs...

I will never forget GE because you'll be a part of my life till I die in this world.

Before I end this blog, I would like to give you a clear birds eye view of what im talking about the results. To clarify this is not the major reason why I quit GE but it's a part of it. We've been in a team for a year now and I treat them not just a team but close to relative as I say. Sad to think is at the outmost glory, you'll find out something you didn't expect to happened might as well a reason for you to be sad. Well, glory, success and fame will mostly break a neck. It's like Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys. They got success but in the long run, some will stab you at the back.

To clear things out, It's my entry that won in FAA first week blood donation drive aka "Forced". Darrick Reclusion so called "legendary movie director" executed the film and we had a deal that he will "make" the ad and "it's my concept" and "my entry"as agreement. So if it wins, I get the prize of course it's my entry. I use God's name here i swear it's our agreement. And truth really set us free. And he said to me he will use Mito in the GE forums as entry holder so our competitor won't recognize that I will join the said competition. That's "again" our agreement. Well, sad to know that when the results are out, something was out of hand after the release of the results.

The sad thing here was we gave them a message that the entry has won. The reaction stunned me that he said, " It's his entry and it was his artistic creation why that film won so they deserve to get the prize not us and insisting that concept has nothing to do with it " . The fact here is, "In every good Director there is a good Writer". Well, enough said, I just want to say what I know and they know what is right. They got their own entry actually saying to me that "It's just a trial entry i want a humor entry like nosebleeding, here's the LINK.
As expected, "A criminal won't say they are guilty" I just take it a lesson and pray that God will forgive me co'z i say things that are not good with them, which is a normal reaction due to anger at that very moment.

I apologize to God not with them, and take it as a lesson that don't trust anyone that easy, co'z in the long run, they will stab you in exchange of glory and fame. Trust in the Lord as always not in humans...

Thanks and till then pioneers, This is Ace aka Artaxerxes signing off...I love you GE your always in my heart thanks for the memories...


bernard said...

ace time to move on. that is all i can say. i know that you got hooked in the game because of your achievements in the past. well, that is the past. i suggest to concentrate more on things worth concentrating instead of spending more of your time
with people who in the end will forsake you.

sorry i was late saying this.

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